I recently switched from Brave to Firefox on Linux. Brave is great, but I sometimes worry that Chromium-based browsers will take over the Internet, and Firefox has some additional privacy controls that I like. I think Brave/Chromium is a better user experience, but privacy and the overall future of the browser market are fairly important to me.

Anyways, enough of that. I open a ton of tabs in Brave and they just scrunch up. In Firefox, they stay fairly wide, and the whole tab window starts to scroll. I totally hate that.

If you want them to behave more like Chromium tabs, open up about:config, and search for browser.tabs.tabMinWidth and change it to something smaller.

It won’t completely prevent the scrolling, but it will allow you to open more tabs before it happens. You can’t open as many as you can in Chromium, but do recall that in Chromium, you just don’t see them at a certain point (short of widening your browser window).

Anyways, happy browsing.